Dicoogle v2.5.0

To download Dicoogle binaries, please fill in the form.

Recomended requirements:

  • Windows, Linux or Mac OS
  • Java 8+
  • 200 MB System memory
  • 500 MB of free disk space (for DICOM objects)

Note: The download link will be sent to the e-mail address entered. If the e-mail does not arrive, please check your Spam inbox.

Dicoogle v2.5.0 Plugin Sources

To download the source code of our base Dicoogle plugins, please fill in the form.

The package contains the source files of the filestorage plugin and query/index plugin (based on Lucene).

More info about the plugin can be found here. If you have any further question, you can contact us filling the form here.


  • Dicoogle v2.5.0
  • To have downloaded Dicoogle before (see the form above)
  • Java 8+

Note: This download is not automatically granted. It may take a while.